About St Luke’s Hospice

About St Luke’s

Providing palliative care in Cheshire since 1988

Since 1988, St Luke’s has been providing palliative care to local people, supporting them in ways which go beyond the scope and funding of the NHS. Last year we supported over 1,000 local people with a vast range of support from end-of-life care on our ward to supporting carers, and from helping children cope with grief to assisting patients to return to work after an illness.

We are a charity and were established following a fundraising campaign in the mid 1980’s which local people championed, and 35 years later we continue to be supported in this way. Nearly 85% of our care is funded by donations.

Our goals

Our vision and values

Our Strategy:
“Helping people to live the life they can”

Our Vision is:
for all people who are living with a life limiting illness in Cheshire and those close to them to have access to the care and support they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Our Mission is:
to enable people in Cheshire to live the life they can, informed and supported until the end of their life and to be there for those who are close to them.

Strategic aims & values

Underpinning everything we do

We have four main strategic aims:

  • Care and support for more people
  • Reach out
  • Be sustainable
  • Make our buildings even better

Our values underpin everything we do:

  • Caring
  • Collaborative
  • Resourceful
  • Excellence
  • Respectful
  • Honest
  • Innovative
  • Knowledgeable

Our ethos

Service to our local people and community

At St Luke’s Hospice, our ethos is one of service; being of service to our local people and community is central to all that we do. We believe the most important privilege any person can have is the opportunity to comfort and support one’s fellow human beings in their hour of need. This spirit of service at St Luke’s extends not only to the patients, but also to family and friends, and we welcome diversity.

The founding members of St Luke’s Hospice were driven by the same ideals that inspire us today; to reach out a warm and caring hand to those in need and to help relieve their suffering of mind, spirit or body. The founder of the Hospice movement, the late Dame Cicely Saunders, wanted hospices to remain a “beacon of hope with a message of care and community”. St Luke’s is a lively and vibrant Hospice that has a very powerful reason to be here.


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Our history

St Luke’s was founded in 1988 thanks to the efforts of Harold Hassall and Jim Littlemore.