Patient Comfort Appeal


“Support our Christmas appeal and help us provide even more comfort to our patients when they need it most.” Dr Rebecca Mitchelson

Our nurses have a Christmas wish list of items and equipment which are needed on our Inpatient Unit to make our patients more comfortable.

They range from rise and recline chairs to enable our patients to sit out of bed in comfort, to wheelchairs and pressure relieving pads. We would also like to purchase another ‘cuddle bed’ for use on our wards. This specialist bed takes up the same space as a normal medical bed but it can be widened to make a double bed when required, allowing patients and their loved ones to lie together just like they would at home.


A cosy bed, a comfortable chair, a soft cushion, a cuddle…

…simple things which we so often take for granted but which can make the world of difference to the patients and families we care for.

These beautiful comments, made by Mike Summersgill regarding the care his wife Sue received on the Inpatient Unit, perfectly sum up the difference the cuddle bed can make:

“The nurses realised how anxious Sue was after the first night and asked me if I wanted to stay. They mentioned that they had a cuddle bed and they brought it into Sue’s room and dressed it up for us with a little heart towel sculpture and chocolates on the pillows. That was amazing, a really nice touch. The cuddle bed has been a big relief for her because she knows I’m there and she can just reach out and touch me, and we can have a cuddle. It’s been so important to us to spend that time together while we’re going through this.

The cuddle bed means that for moments in time, however, brief, we can revert to our normal reality of being together – watching TV of an evening, lying in bed, having a brew. It’s a brief escape from the current reality of what’s happening and the cuddle bed allows that closeness and the feeling that, for a few precious moments, nothing is wrong.”


Our Nurses have carefully selected this wish list of items to provide even more comfort for our patients…

Cuddle Bed

Making precious memories

With your kind support, our nurses would love to buy another ‘cuddle bed’ for our Inpatient Unit.

The specialist bed takes up the same space as a normal hospital bed, but can be widened to make a double bed when required allowing families to cuddle their loved one and offer comfort when they need it most.

One cuddle bed costs £11,422.

Providing patient comfort

Supporting patients when they need it most

We require two wheelchairs for use in our hospice. These specialist wheelchairs are designed especially for larger patients or those struggling with swelling (oedema).

The chairs are designed to enhance comfort, and support patients who may be struggling to walk. One wheelchair costs £414. We would like 2.