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Our new ‘Community Night Care’ service

We know how challenging and exhausting it can be to care for a loved one with a palliative condition 24/7, which is why we’ve launched our new ‘Community Night Care’ service.

This vital service enables a carer to get a much needed night’s sleep while one of our Health Care Assistants sits with the patient overnight from 10pm to 8am.

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The aim is to help people to stay in the comfort of their own homes with their loved ones for as long as possible, and to help reduce emergency hospital admissions.

Steph from Middlewich cares for her mum Pearl, who has vascular dementia, and says the Night Care Service is the ʻgreatest help’ she receives. You can read her story below.

If you are able, we would really appreciate donations to help us support even more people overnight in their homes.

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Q&A with our Community Night Care team

Giving Families a break

How does the Night Care service work?

Emma: “We stay with the patient all night in their own home from 10pm to 8am, and we’re there to allow their family member to get some undisturbed sleep while we care for the patient overnight helping them with medication, pain management, repositioning them or helping them go to the toilet. Sometimes they just want to talk – I’ve learned so much about so many different subjects and it’s so interesting to hear their stories.

Karen: “Carers are in that role full time, 24/7, often on their own and if they can get a good quality night’s sleep then they can cope better the next day. They’re having broken night’s sleep because they’re constantly listening out or checking on their loved one, some are only getting 2 to 3 hours sleep a night. They need unbroken sleep and it’s so nice to be able to give families that.”

Providing a support network

What has the feedback been from families?

Emma: “We’ve met some lovely people, I think that’s the thing for me, you get to support the family as well as the patient. It can be the wife, the daughter or grandson and they’re just so grateful that they can go to sleep that night without worrying. That’s the nice part of the job really, knowing we’re making such a difference to the whole family.”

Karen: “You don’t realise how needed this service is. People want to stay at home for as long as possible and not everyone wants to go into hospital or a hospice. If we can help enable that for as long as we can then that’s an amazing thing that we can do for people. If they have a good support network during the day then this service helps people to manage and they can stay at home.”

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