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We have been caring for people at the heart of our community for 35 years. Our goal is to help people with life-limiting illnesses live well, with dignity and independence, for as long as they can.

Making a regular donation takes little effort, but makes you part of something much bigger. By giving to us each month you are allowing us to plan for the future, and you are ensuring that we can be there for everyone who needs us.

Because of you…

“I’m so grateful for everything and for every day.”

Debbie Jones from Crewe has been supported by our Day Hospice following her diagnosis last year of ovarian cancer.

She explains: “I went through a torrid time with the chemo. I hit a dark time and I just needed someone who understood what I was going through inside. I have just flown really since I started at St Luke’s. It’s like my safety blanket coming here. I don’t even have to mention the C word, there’s just an understanding, and it has made me focus again in a positive way.

“Home is my safe place but I feel that this is my safe place too. It gives me the courage to face every day. I don’t know what the future holds but I need to make the most of it and I know that St Luke’s are there to support me and hold my hand. I don’t think I would be in the good place that I am now with what I’m facing if it wasn’t for St Luke’s. I’m just grateful for everything and for every day.”

If you would like more information about becoming a Friend of St Luke’s, contact Chantal on 01606 555826 or email or sign up online today.

Essy’s Story

“St Luke’s is an absolutely astounding place”

Esmond (Essy) Morgan from Winsford has attended our Wellbeing Days for help managing pulmonary fibrosis and Alzheimer’s.

The grandad of seven, who recently celebrated his 45th wedding anniversary, said: “It’s an absolutely amazing place. The staff, the volunteers, everyone – they can’t do enough for you. I’m absolutely overwhelmed with it all. They’ve given me their time and care and don’t ask for anything in return.”

“I’m going down a road now that I’m prepared for. Hopefully I’ve got longer but I’m just going to keep fighting. My eldest grandson is 17 and I want to see him get his A Level results. There’s all kinds of things for me to look forward to, I’ve always had my glass half full.”

Graham and Carol’s Story

“St Luke’s has been there beside us all the way through”

Graham and Carol Welch from Crewe first came into contact with St Luke’s when daughter Michele was diagnosed with bowel cancer and received care at the hospice. Sadly she died in 2008 aged just 42. Following her death, dad Graham and other family members received bereavement support, then just 12 months later Graham was diagnosed with stomach cancer and was supported through his treatment and recovery by our Day Hospice. This year the family have come back through our doors after mum Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer and is now receiving complementary therapy.

Graham said: “St Luke’s has been there beside us all the way through. You walk through those doors and it’s like everything has lifted, it gives you peace of mind.”