St Luke’s Collection Boxes

Collection Boxes

Give our house a home – collection boxes

A little bit can go a long way and our collection boxes and ‘little houses’ are proof of that! Every year, spare change collected in our charity boxes placed in businesses and homes across the area, raise thousands of pounds for patient care at the hospice.

Help Us

Turn pennies into pounds

Could you help us turn pennies into pounds by giving ‘our house a home’ in your workplace, business or at home?

From post offices to supermarkets, newsagents to fish and chip shops, we have a range of collection boxes to suit everyone!

Please request one of our collection houses here or for more information contact us on 01606 555811 or email

Once full, you can drop them off at any of our Hospice shops, at our main Hospice reception, or we can come and collect.

Order your collection box using the form below.