Fundraise At Work

Fundraise at work

Never underestimate the power of a bake sale!

Fundraising in your workplace is a brilliant way to support St Luke’s. There are lots of things you can do and it’s surprising how lucrative some simple ideas can be.

Fundraising Ideas

Here’s a few ‘tried and tested’ methods…

  • Dress Down Days – everybody pays a couple of quid to wear casual clothes.
  • Run your own tuck shop – buy in lots of snacks and sell them for a profit.
  • Get sponsored to ‘go without’ – eg give up biscuits or your mobile phone for a week.
  • Swear box – £2 in the jar for every expletive.
  • Host a car wash – could you turn your car park in to a fun car wash for a day?
  • Workplace bike ride – source an exercise bike and see how many miles your team can complete in a week.
  • Lunchtime karaoke – host a sing-a-long session, charging participants to sing.
  • Office raffle – encourage everyone to dig out their unwanted items, and away you go!
Outside of the workplace

Plan something with your workmates

Of course outside of the workplace, you’ll have greater scope to plan something with your workmates. You may wish to organise your own Quiz Night, perhaps a 24-hour sports challenge such as a pool marathon or host a lavish event in aid of St Luke’s.

Whatever you decide, we can help by supplying you with St Luke’s t-shirts to wear, a high-res version of our logo, banners, posters and collection buckets.

We might even be able to help by sharing your fundraising activity on our social channels or to the wider media. Just let us know what you’re planning and good luck!

Are you interested?

Want to support St Luke’s

If you are interested in supporting St Luke’s then we would be delighted to hear from you. Drop Andy from our fundraising team an email or call 01606 555872.