Published On: 2nd Sep 2020|
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Father and Daughter duo walk the lakes to raise money for St Luke’s Hospice

Grace, 8, and her father Graham from Winsford recently undertook a sponsored walk in the Lake District to raise money for St Luke’s Hospice. The pair raised funds for Grace’s Grandmother, Mary, who recently passed away at the Hospice aged 78.

Grace and her Graham’s main sponsored walk was on Thursday 13th August, however, the pair spent a further 6 days exploring the lakes to raise more money for St Luke’s Hospice. Altogether, the duo raised £265 through a mixture of Facebook fundraising, cash sponsors and funeral donations.

Whilst Grace and her father were at the lakes, Grace’s mother Amanda stayed at home to visit Mary whilst she stayed at St Luke’s. Amanda and her family still supported the duo by wearing St Luke’s t-shirts when they visited the Hospice, as well as posted about the pair on social media. Amanda said about her daughter’s walk: “My partner suggested I should go to the lakes for a few days to join them and then bring me back home to my Mother. It was a lovely thought, but I knew I needed to stay at home to be closer to my Mum.

“I missed them as I’ve never been apart from my daughter, but she had lots of fun raising money for the beautiful Hospice. My mum knew what Grace and Graham were doing for the Hospice and she was incredibly proud of them both.” The money raised by Grace and Graham will help St Luke’s to provide care for more people like Mary.