Published On: 4th Jan 2023|
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Heart-warming Harmony

The community spirit has been turned up this year, especially in support of St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice. A small group of ukulele players started by just three residents of Lostock Gralam, Northwich in 2016, the Lostock Ukes has steadily grown in number, confidence and technique in its short life to become, possibly, the most-fun Ukulele group in Cheshire!

Playing for free and raising money for charity, which is, for their fourth consecutive year, St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice. Graham from the Lostock Ukes says “St Luke’s work so very hard to make life as enjoyable as possible and our Group feel that any support we can offer, in our case financial, will benefit this superb cause.”

Without any set target in mind, this outstanding group set about fundraising and playing throughout the community, including care homes and events. They have in total this year raised an outstanding £5762.80, an incredible achievement. A heart-warming gesture for all involved during a very difficult time.

Rachel Hughes, St Luke’s Community Partnership and Trade Team says “Combining a hobby to entertain the public whilst raising funds for St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice, is such a wonderful thing!  The Lostock Ukes are an amazing group of people.  Their continued efforts do not go unnoticed by anyone at our hospice.  If it wasn’t for good people, St Luke’s wouldn’t be able to keep all their services free of charge to our local community and the Ukes are full of those.  Thank you to each and every one of you.”

Graham recounts a lovely moment of how their community spirit reunited a husband and wife in a local care home. “We, initially, played for lots of residents at Cheshire Care Homes and we were instrumental (no pun intended!) in re-uniting a husband and wife at one Care Home by playing “Save the last dance for me” to which they both got up to dance with each other. They were both residents but lived in different rooms and hadn’t interacted till then. The staff were in tears and we felt very humble.”

During 2022 they played for 81 organisations including weddings and fourteen performances in eleven days over the Queen’s Jubilee.

At Christmas 2018 they raised over £880 to St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice and set out to match that amount in 2019. However they exceeded that goal and achieved £2187 in that year, £1117 and £1782 in the Covid-restricted years of 2020 and 2021.

They now have a healthy regular attendance at their fun get-togethers and look forward to another year of support for St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice.