Published On: 15th Aug 2022|
1.6 min read

High Sheriff praises ‘wonderful work’ of local Hospice

St Luke’s Hospice were extremely pleased to welcome the High Sheriff of Cheshire Jeannie France Hayhurst and to share the work of the Hospice and learn more about the role and duties of the High Sheriff.

Like many healthcare organisations, visitors have been very limited at the Hospice for a long time, but as the guidelines continue to adapt and improve with the current climate, St Luke’s has begun to welcome visitors back on site.

St Luke’s Hospice CEO, Neil Wright, said: “We are delighted that we can now start to welcome visitors on site once again at the Hospice and we hope to host more visits over the coming months so that we can be back in touch with all our kind supporters and community stakeholders. We continue to build on our work and service to serve local families and having visitors enables us to share our work and aims to a wider network, the visit was a great highlight for us and hopefully the start of many more.”

The High Sheriff of Cheshire is a voluntary role within the community, although the High Sheriff takes a very active role with charities in the county. Jeannie France Hayhurst makes up part of the Trustee board for the Cheshire Community Foundation along with the former High Sheriff of Cheshire and St Luke’s president, Lady Redmond MBE DL.

The High Sheriff of Cheshire had this to say on her visit to the Hospice: “The sunshine matched the uplifting atmosphere of St Luke’s where so much wonderful work is being done. We all have someone who either needs or will need sensitive care and this is a place where it’s provided with gentleness, cheerfulness and great kindness.”

The High Sheriff was joined by Donor Account Manager for the Cheshire Community Foundation, Debbie Smith. The Cheshire Community Foundation raises funds to support hundreds of small charities and voluntary groups across the whole of Cheshire.