Published On: 21st Nov 2023|
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John and Joyce’s Night Care Story

Our Community Night Care service may have only been running for a short time but it is already making a big difference.

John and Joyce Beech from Wistaston were among the first to benefit from the new service. 83-year-old Joyce explains: “We had not had any night care before so I didn’t know how I felt about it, but I did feel that I needed help. I was very tired.

“Karen came, she was very pleasant and helpful and John only had to stir and she was there. I feel that John was a lot more relaxed as there was someone other than me to help him. She was there when I needed her, so we benefited greatly from it. I know John feels the same, he felt it took the onus off me as there was someone else there to help, so it was excellent.

“He’s my husband of 58 years and I know that time’s running out so I want to do as much as I can myself, but there are times when you definitely need help and it enabled me to get some sleep and made me feel better. As a carer, you find the strength and I’ve been happy to do it – till death do us part.”

Sadly John died at home, with Joyce by his side, before the launch of this Appeal. Joyce said: “Every day together was gold and the hours like diamonds, as valuable as anything on earth.”