Published On: 2nd Nov 2022|
2.3 min read

Crewe mum to take on ‘The Ultimate Firewalk’ after breast cancer battle

A Crewe mum who is recovering from surgery for breast cancer is preparing to walk on hot coals to help raise money for the hospice which supported her through her treatment.

Helen Longworth has signed up for St Luke’s Hospice ‘Ultimate Firewalk’ as a thank you for the care and support she has received from the Day Hospice team. She will be joined on the night by three friends Marie, Hannah and Sam who are collectively calling themselves ‘The Red Hot Chilli Steppers!’

42-year-old Helen from Crewe was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and was referred to St Luke’s Day Hospice for support with her recovery. The mum to two young boys said: “I’ve signed up for the Firewalk because I wanted to give something back to St Luke’s and after the last 12 months I feel like I shouldn’t be afraid of anything… although I have had moments of wondering what we have signed up to!”

“When I said I wanted to do this a few friends said no way but they would happily sponsor me and cheer me on. Marie is one of my oldest school friends and offered to be part of the team, Hannah and Sam are both work friends and were quick to agree to do it. Hannah was the one who came up with the team name!”

St Luke’s Firewalk will be held on Friday 18th November at The Crewe Heritage Centre. Fundraiser Andy Bailey says it’s going to be a great night: “We’re turning up the heat this November for our biggest firewalk yet! We’ll be taking over the famous Crewe Heritage Centre for what promises to be a brilliant evening of firewalking and fun. We hope the whole experience will leave supporters with a feeling that they can take on anything!

“It’s just £15 to take part in the Ultimate Firewalk with all the money raised helping to care and support local people like Helen, who have had first-hand experience of the impact of St Luke’s.”

Helen added: “Nobody asks to be diagnosed with cancer, it’s a club that you never want to be a member of and it turns your whole life upside down. I always assumed St Luke’s was a Hospice, I didn’t realise all of the other services they offer. I am really lucky that I have amazing family and friends who have supported me through my treatment, but St Luke’s gave me the space where there was somebody else I could talk to about everything and I am so grateful.”

Could you take on St Luke’s Firewalk challenge on Friday 18th November to raise money to help support more patients like Helen?